Neuronal Dynamics of Vision: Perception, Attention & Consciousness



Who we are…

Our team is part of the Centre de Recherche Cerveau et Cognition (CerCo) in Toulouse, France, which itself is a co-piloted structure of the CNRS and the Universite Paul Sabatier. We also belong to the newly established Institut des Sciences du Cerveau (Institute for Brain Sciences) in Toulouse.

What we do…

Research in the lab focuses on 3 major themes:

1. Periodic operations of the brain: How is the continuous input sequence projecting onto our retinas translated into meaningful brain events? The striking theory that we investigate is that attention could organize these events into temporally discrete “chunks” or snapshots, constituting the unitary events of perception. Brain oscillations could represent the visible manifestation of these snapshots.


2. Attention and Object recognition: How do we process, recognize or categorize visual objects or events? Why are natural scenes and objects so efficiently processed? How much attention does object recognition involve? How much time does it take?

3. Neural coding: The amazing recognition abilities of the primate brain constrain the underlying neuronal codes and architectures. What can be done in a feed-forward sweep, and what requires feed-back loops? How are neuronal discharges organized into meaningful patterns?


Interested in working with us?

We are always hiring high-quality students and post-docs. Just send an email for informal inquiries.